Paul C. Brunson: A Case Study Part 2

July 12, 2017 by Karen Que

Part 2: The grassroots campaign to end all grassroots campaigns.

Imagine you’ve spent a year and a half developing a TV show and then waited for months to hear whether it would ever actually appear on TV. Just when you’re ready to give up, you get the call. Your show is going to air, but there’s a catch. Only the first episode will air during a holiday weekend that is notoriously bad for TV ratings, and the network is leaving all the promotion up to you.

Oh, and you have just 8 days to do it.

Luckily, when entrepreneur and matchmaker Paul C. Brunson got this call from ABC about his show “Help! I need love,” he was ready and willing to meet the challenge head on. He created his reality matchmaking show knowing that it was going to be an underdog from the start. The show spends a year in the lives of three single moms over 35 who are looking for meaningful relationships.

“We’ve always done it that way.”

One of the first things Paul did was talk to the marketing people at ABC, who were willing to help him form his campaign. They suggested that he use a major media campaign to get the word out by appearing on daytime talk shows, radio shows and late night talk shows.

Paul had followed Oprah on her own promotional tour years before, and it hadn’t done her show much good. So he asked the marketing people, “Why would we do that?” And their response was, “We’ve always done it that way.”

That is one of the most dangerous statements in business ever, because it means you’ve lost sight of your goals and the value of what you’re doing.

Paul knew he could spend all of his energy on the major media campaign, or try something new and completely different. He would need to engage his fans and followers into action and ignite his ambassadors.

Bring on the ambassadors

The ambassador program began with a call early on during the show development process in December of 2015 to Kaywanda Lamb, The Winning Single Mom. Paul wanted to build a community around the show and he knew how passionate and dedicated Kaywanda is to helping single mom’s achieve their dreams so he asked her to become his Lead Ambassador, she was honored and accepted.

They got started with two main actions:

  1. Kaywanda created an Ambassador Round Table to begin planning the Ambassador Program
  2. Together they held focus groups to better understand the issues, challenges, lifestyle, and diversity of single moms.

The Roundtable had 10 core members consisting of friends who had reach into their communities, knowledge and passion for Paul’s mission to help single moms, and were avid supporters of Paul. They had been meeting and planning for well over a year so when they got the call that ABC was airing the premier, they were ready.

It’s GO Time!

With only 8 days notice till the premier, engagement and execution were key. Paul started on Instagram with a series of 3 video asks to his tribe via Instagram stories.

  1. Set a reminder to watch or DVR the show
  2. Host a watch party and those that have over 20 guests will get a personal call from Paul on the day of the premier
  3. Become an ambassador email Kaywanda at (We are still accepting ambassadors for phase 3, so sign up today)

Paul continued to make these three asks to his tribe in email, on all social media platforms, and during interviews.

The Goal: Bring 1 Million New Viewers

Being a former wall street guy, Paul knew it was going to come down to the numbers. For many, many, years he has been giving and bringing value to his community. He estimates that he has significantly touched about 20 thousand people. If he could motivate those core people to engage and touch 2,000 people each who are already following them on and off social media, then maybe he could get 500 of those two thousand to watch the show. If this worked, he would able to pull 1 million viewers into the show.

Creating the connection

In the days leading up to the premiere, the Ambassador Program grew from the core 10 to 297 people who were going hard into the paint for Paul and the show. Instead of doing major media interviews, Paul chose to do interviews, mostly through Facebook Live, with 87 of his ambassadors who he had previously had some kind of connection with him or his work. Many of them had never done a video interview before but Paul and his team worked hard to provide the support to make them successful. Those interviews were shared, reaching more than 100,000 people. Even though there were some similarities in the various interviews, each one told you something new about Paul, the show, and his values.

The conversations were all well connected and allowed Paul to be very authentic. If he’d done three to five minutes on a radio program with someone he’d never met, it wouldn’t have come across as well. It’s very hard to make a strong connection to an audience in such a short amount of time.

As word spread about the show, the ambassador group continued to grow. Ambassadors would watch the interviews and comment on them to create more conversation. Every day, ambassadors also went to their own social media channels to push content about Paul, the show and why they were excited to watch. People even posted one-minute Instagram Live stories speaking from the heart about why they admired Paul and why the show mattered to them.

The buzz was building offline too. Ambassadors talked to everyone they knew – clients, family, friends. As the week went on, the ground swell was growing. Phase one of the ambassadors’ plan was a success.

Preparing for the premiere

Now, the ambassadors had to support the premiere itself. They were all eager to start phase two and see the show they’d been talking about all week.

After all, Paul brings value to his followers all the time. He provides different business mentoring programs for free or minimal cost and is constantly putting out information on social media. He doesn’t ask much, and this was everyone’s chance to finally give back.

Tune in next week to find out how the ambassadors generated 45 million impressions on Twitter that night and shocked ABC with their support of “Help! I need love.”

Did you watch the show? What was your favorite part?



This post was written by Karen Que. Karen is a lifelong entrepreneur, business woman, wife, and mother who is on a mission to make her family a priority while enjoying immense business success on her own terms. Karen loves to break the mold by helping small business owners create an explosion of growth without losing their sanity. As the Founder and CEO of Q infusion LLC, she works together with small business owners to build their CEO skills, implement systems that create stability, and infuse big business thinking and strategy into their growth plans. You can connect with Karen on Twitter and Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Paul C. Brunson: A Case Study Part 2

  1. Tamika Cummings

    Oh my goodness. I am new at coordinating projects. Challenges at every turn but I have to keep going. As I read the goal being reached in eight days, I inhaled. I’ve got work to do.

    1. Karen Que Post author

      Thanks for your comment Tamika. Keep in mind that it takes lots of small steps to achieve the biggest goals. Paul spent years building and nurturing his tribe, those years made the miracle of 8 days possible.


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