Paul C. Brunson: A Case Study Part 1

July 5, 2017 by Karen Que

Part 1: The Foundations of a Dreamer

They say it’s easier to become a major league baseball player than it is to get a TV show on the air. Those terrible odds didn’t stop Paul C. Brunson from coming up with the idea of a realistic matchmaking show that would appeal to an under-served market: single moms.

When ABC finally agreed to air his show “Help! I need love!” it was only for the pilot episode. Paul would have to get enough viewers for the rest of the show to be picked up, without any promotion or help from the network.

Like a true entrepreneur, Paul rose to the challenge. In the span of eight days, he managed to create so much buzz for his show that it generated 45 million impressions on Twitter the night of the premiere. The response online was unprecedented.

How did he manage to pull it off? He used his unique blend of experience and talents that he has been building for years.

From the beginning of his career, Paul set himself apart with the amount of time and effort he put into his education. He always takes the aspects of being a practitioner and wraps his skills as a businessman around it. Whether you’re talking about Paul the TV guy, Paul the matchmaker or Paul the Wall Street guy, he applies all the same principles and adds the specific skill set he needs to make that particular business successful.

From Wall Street to the Schoolhouse

Paul started out working for an investment bank on Wall Street, but quickly realized it was not the kind of life he wanted. He went to work for Kaplan Test Prep and discovered a love for education outreach.

This eventually led to an opportunity to work with Enver Yucel, a Turkish businessman who ran an educational holding company. In the years that Paul worked for Mr. Yucel, he helped to grow the $100 million company into a billion-dollar company.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

After a few years, the idea of becoming a matchmaker began to form in Paul’s mind. He went to school and learned everything he could about the business of matchmaking. He ended up becoming the very first full-time black matchmaker in the country. His company was centered on connecting black people, because he found there was no service specifically for black people to meet each other.


Around the time he was building his matchmaking company, Paul worked with Oprah on the show “Lovetown,” which was a reality show about turning one town into a loving community. This experience allowed him to experience the process of creating a promoting a show. The show didn’t get the greatest ratings, but Paul learned a lot from the process.

Help! I need love.

When it came to developing his own show, Paul was sure it would never see the light of day. He spent a year following three single moms from New York City and coaching them through the process of dating again. He wanted the moms to be over 35, and he wanted the process to take a year so it would be authentic and meaningful, unlike so many other dating reality shows.

Paul also took the time to teach the moms how to love themselves again. When someone becomes a single mom, she typically puts all of her energy into her kids and leaves nothing for herself. You can only accept love from someone else as much as you love yourself.

After the 18 months it took to film and produce the episodes, Paul was left waiting. The network hadn’t picked it up. When he’d just about given up, the network called and said, “It’s a yes, but we’re only going to run the pilot, and then we’ll see.”

So it was time for Paul to pull together all of his years of experience and call in the ambassador program formed by Kaywanda Lamb, The Winning Single Mom. Armed with his social media ambassadors, Paul prepared to launch a grassroots movement and bring his creation to life.

Tune in next week to find out how the ambassador program was born.

Paul has mastered the art of the under-served market. What markets do you think need more attention?


This post was written by Karen Que. Karen is a lifelong entrepreneur, business woman, wife, and mother who is on a mission to make her family a priority while enjoying immense business success on her own terms. Karen loves to break the mold by helping small business owners create an explosion of growth without losing their sanity. As the Founder and CEO of Q infusion LLC, she works together with small business owners to build their CEO skills, implement systems that create stability, and infuse big business thinking and strategy into their growth plans. You can connect with Karen on Twitter and Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Paul C. Brunson: A Case Study Part 1

  1. Kaywanda Lamb

    Wow! This is an amazing article about an amazing man. Great job Karen! I love that we all banned together to make magic, impact, and transformation. I love how this case study isn’t just a case study. It is a call to the rest of us to persevere and make our dreams happen. May we learn to watch Paul and employ what he teaches. There is power in the collective. Looking forward to next week!

    1. Karen Que Post author

      Kaywanda, thank you so much for your kind words and support! We all rallied around Paul and made this happen together under your leadership. I am grateful for the experience but even more excited about how this movement has evolved into so much more and this community is just getting started. Next week is going to be great!

    1. Karen Que Post author

      Thank you Theresa this was fun to write because Paul is so giving and transparent about sharing both his successes and things that didn’t work out as planned. I look forward to next week too, it’s very exciting!


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