6 Systems: An Absolute Must Have for all Businesses

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December 8, 2015 By Karen Que

Big businesses, small businesses, side businesses, and all other types of businesses need these 6 systems in place to operate successfully for the long haul. Why? Because these core business functions are vital to success and enable businesses to deliver, manage, and grow. Creating systems around these functions brings stability and a solid platform for rapid growth to occur.

A great system is made up of processes, tools, people and management that are integrated, sequenced, and functioning in a manner that provides consistent and effective results every time it is launched into action. This is an overview of the 6 systems that are necessary for building the ultimate business.

#1 – Lead Generation – Identifying potential clients and introducing them to your brand

The goal of your lead generation system is to identify potential clients/customers that are the most likely to be interested in your products and services, introduce them to your brand, and entice them to want to know more about your products and services. The ideal outcome of the lead generation system is to collect contact information on your potential clients that can be fed into the Sales system.

#2 – Sales System – Build Know/Like/Trust/Close Formula

The goal of your sales system is to connect with the leads identified from your lead generation system, bring those potential clients/customers through a process of getting to know your products and services, giving them valid reasons and an authentic experience to like and trust you and then lead them to a place where they have the opportunity to choose without pressure to buy your products and services from a place of integrity and respect. Your sales system is responsible for turning leads and prospects into paying customers/clients.

#3 – Delivery System – Delivers products and services to clients

The goal of your delivery system is to roll out your services or products using procedures and tools that work best to deliver your specialty in a consistent way immediately after your sales system presents to you a new client. There can be many phases included in this system but ultimately a series of standard repeatable actions that provide your quality service or product is ideal.

#4 – Customer Service and Follow up

The #1 goal of customer service is to keep clients/customers HAPPY. Having people, processes, and tools in place to answer questions, provide assistance with products or services, problem solve/fix issues quickly while satisfying the client as much as possible is invaluable to creating future business by cultivating repeat customers. Additionally building in a follow up process that assesses the client experience, creates an opportunity to understand issues and correct them while opening the door to future purchases is ideal.

#5 – Finance and Accounting – Everything to do with Money

The goal of your Accounting system is to track the flow of money in and out of your company. Tracking the money via credit cards, bank accounts, merchant services, cash, payroll, receipts and inventory not only helps make tax compliance easier but it gives leadership a solid basis from which to create strategy, execute planning, and manage all aspects of the business. Without a system to help manage the money, businesses can expect to struggle at many levels.

#6 – Planning and Action System – Strategy-Plan-Management

The goal of your planning and action system is to create a framework that makes both leadership and management successful. This applies to managing and leading people, projects, and business to business relationships, along with strategy and growth across all areas. This system allows you to identify and extinguish fires in your business from a proactive perspective before they become a crisis situation that demands quick thinking reactive engagement with few good options and little time to fix the issues.

Which system is your biggest challenge right now? I invite you to Share with me below or engage me in a conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

Please Stop by again as I kick-off my NEW 6 part series where we will dive into the basic elements of each system, talk about options for how to bring these elements to life and give some suggestions for proven tools that businesses use to automate their system and make their business easier to manage.

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